Daniel Kaven (born New Mexico, 1977) is an American artist working in architecture, painting, film, and photography. Kaven is best known for the immersive atmosphere he orchestrates for his shows wherein photographic media and installations explore a single larger narrative and his design work with William Kaven Architecture. Thematically, his work often explores man’s quest of American capitalistic ideals and power, risk, family, and society’s thirst for fame. 

Kaven’s films, architecture and mixed-media installations have been widely exhibited and published to much acclaim. In his review of his solo show at Gallery 500, art critic John Motley (Art Papers, Art in America, Frieze, Portland Mercury) wrote “what makes Kaven’s show so obsession-worthy is not the masterful way he shifts between media, but through the information he omits. With only a handful of events and scenes represented, the viewer is left to draw connections and conclusions from narrative fragments.” 

In 2004, Kaven formed William Kaven Architecture with his brother Trevor William Lewis. Since its inception, William Kaven has produced buildings of exceptional design and craft and explored new building practices. Notably, the firm designed North House, a condo project in Portland which received national attention for its bold design and passive energy features. In 2011, William Kaven Architecture was recognized by the American Institute of Architects (AIA) with a Merit Award for their design work on Interchange, a private residence oriented around an exceptional courtyard.

Kaven currently lives and works in Portland with his wife and 3 children.

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